Supermarkets & Wholesalers

The GoodBurry product range is the perfect addition to your supermarket assortment, offering great quality at an attractive price point. From Congo-Brazzaville to Sierra Leone, supermarkets across Africa already recognise the popularity of GoodBurry products. With stylish, attractively designed packaging, and full of flavour, the GoodBurry range is an asset to any supermarket shelf.


Our GoodBurry assortment contains more than 100 different products, and is expanding continuously. The assortment section presents a full range of GoodBurry products, including product information and an overview of relevant logistical information.

Product transparency

GoodBurry pays great attention to transparency in product and nutritional values information. That is why all our product labels contain nutritional and product information in four different languages: English, Portuguese, French, and Arabic. Moreover, all labels satisfy EU regulations on packaging requirements and the provision of food information to consumers.

GoodBurry; brand of B&S

GoodBurry is a brand of B&S, a leading wholesaler and distributor in FMCG, bonded products and luxury items. B&S is a trusted partner of clients around the globe, consolidating and supplying goods to a range of niche markets, wherever and whenever they're required. Clients are able to choose from an assortment of over 40,000 goods and items, including our private label GoodBurry. And to ensure we provide them with the best service, quality, price and range, we source globally and purchase from a range of different markets. Clients benefit from the economies of scale that come from bulk buying, while our specialist global sourcing team know where to look for hard-to-find requests.

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If you wish to know more about B&S, the brandowner of GoodBurry, visit the corporate website of B&S.